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Many-body Quantum Dynamics

Cavendish Laboratory



Senior Research Associate, Many-Body Quantum Dynamics

College Research Associate, King’s College Cambridge

Senior Research Associate, Jesus College Intellectual Forum


I research cold atom technologies to study the fundamentals of science. I am currently developing a new detector for dark matter and gravitational waves with the AION consortium ( This detector is based on atom interferometry with ultracold strontium, where clouds of atoms are separated and recombined to give information about the difference in the paths they travel. I am particularly interested in researching new methods of cooling and manipulating atoms, and lead a team developing techniques for transport and cooling of ultracold strontium. I also work on a quantum simulation experiment, where cold atoms trapped in lattices of laser light are used to create an experimental simulation of the quantum behaviour of real materials.

You can find out more about these projects here.

Follow me on Twitter @UltracoldTiff

Schools and public engagement

I love discussing science, and thinking of interesting and interactive ways to share the incredible research I’m lucky enough to see and take part in. I have run science workshops with the Jesus College Intellectual Forum and Cambridge Festival, and various initiatives with the Cavendish Laboratory and Cambridge colleges.

With funding from the Cambridge University Public Engagement Fund I run workshops  for primary school groups (KS2) about atoms, their uses and how we study them. If you represent a school and would like to work with me please get in touch by email.

Latest news

IOP Joseph Thomson Medal

22 December 2023

Professor Ulrich Schneider received the IOP 2023 Joseph Thomson Medal and Prize for groundbreaking experiments on the collective dynamics of quantum gases in optical lattices, including fundamental studies of localization effects in both disordered and quasicrystalline systems. More information at:

Postdoc Positions available

1 July 2023

We have two experimental postdoc opportunities on many-body physics in Optical Quasicrystals and on being part of the UK Quantum Technology Hub and developing optical optical-lattice and tweezer-based Quantum Simulators . More information at: Applications close on 15/8/23.

Observing the two-dimensional Bose glass in an optical quasicrystal

2 March 2023

Our latest work on observing the two-dimensional Bose glass in our optical quasicrystal is now on the Arxiv: Arxiv:2303.00737 . We could not only observe the Bose glass and the phase transition between Bose glass and superfluid, but could furthermore experimentally establish the non-ergodic character of the Bose glass...

Hubbard Models for Quasicrystalline Potentials

13 October 2022

Our latest work on creating Hubbard Models for Quasicrystalline Potentials is now on the Arxiv (2210.05691). In it, we present a numerical method for constructing the Hubbard Hamiltonian of non-periodic potentials without making use of Bloch's theorem, and then apply it to the eightfold rotationally symmetric 2D optical...

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