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Many-body Quantum Dynamics

Cavendish Laboratory


Join us in Cambridge for an ICAP satellite conference on Cold Atoms and Molecules for Fundamental Physics.

Monday 22nd July to early afternoon on Wednesday 24th July


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The main topics are the use of cold atoms and molecules as Quantum Sensors and Quantum Simulators for fundamental physics. Topics include but are not limited to:

Quantum Sensors

  • atomic clocks
  • long-baseline atom interferometry, gravimetry
  • eEDM measurements
  • variations in fundamental constants

Quantum Simulations

  • quantum simulations of the early universe 
  • simulations of black holes, hawking radiation
  • simulation of lattice gauge theories.


Invited Speakers

Fundamental Interactions

  • David Demille - overview talk
  • Diana Prado Lopes Aude Craik
  • Tim Langen

Atomic Clocks

  • Tanja Mehlstäubler - overview talk
  • Shimon Kolkovitz
  • Rachel Godun

Atom Interferometry

  • Tim Kovachy - overview talk
  • Chris Overstreet
  • Jan Rudolph
  • Christopher McCabe

Quantum Simulation

  • Marcello Dalmonte - overview talk
  • Gabriele Ferrari
  • Alex Jenkins



The conference will take part in the West Court of Jesus College in the centre of Cambridge:


The conference fee is £240 and includes coffee breaks, lunches on each day and a conference dinner on Tuesday evening.
Accommodation and breakfast are not included and must be booked separately. You are very welcome to register for this event independently of attending the main ICAP conference; both conferences must be registered and paid for separately. 

Every applicant is encouraged to bring a poster, and during registration you can submit the poster abstract and indicate whether you would like to be considered for a contributed talk.

Registration form:

After the successful registration you will receive a link to a payment form for the conference fee (payable via e.g. credit card) and a link to a dedicated page to book accommodation in Jesus college.
Registration closes on Friday 14th June, although we encourage early registration to avoid disappointment.

There might be the possibility for discounts for a small number of participants, in particular students, where this is essential to enable participation.
Please contact us under for all enquiries.


We have reserved a contingent of rooms in Jesus college and will sent further information after registration.


Latest news

IOP Joseph Thomson Medal

22 December 2023

Professor Ulrich Schneider received the IOP 2023 Joseph Thomson Medal and Prize for groundbreaking experiments on the collective dynamics of quantum gases in optical lattices, including fundamental studies of localization effects in both disordered and quasicrystalline systems. More information at:

Postdoc Positions available

1 July 2023

We have two experimental postdoc opportunities on many-body physics in Optical Quasicrystals and on being part of the UK Quantum Technology Hub and developing optical optical-lattice and tweezer-based Quantum Simulators . More information at: Applications close on 15/8/23.

Observing the two-dimensional Bose glass in an optical quasicrystal

2 March 2023

Our latest work on observing the two-dimensional Bose glass in our optical quasicrystal is now on the Arxiv: Arxiv:2303.00737 . We could not only observe the Bose glass and the phase transition between Bose glass and superfluid, but could furthermore experimentally establish the non-ergodic character of the Bose glass...

Hubbard Models for Quasicrystalline Potentials

13 October 2022

Our latest work on creating Hubbard Models for Quasicrystalline Potentials is now on the Arxiv (2210.05691). In it, we present a numerical method for constructing the Hubbard Hamiltonian of non-periodic potentials without making use of Bloch's theorem, and then apply it to the eightfold rotationally symmetric 2D optical...