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Dynamical Quasicondensation of Hard-Core Bosons at Finite Momenta

last modified May 25, 2015 11:36 AM
Dynamical Quasicondensation of Hard-Core Bosons at Finite Momenta

We have published a paper on the Arxiv where we studied the emergence of coherence in an expanding cloud of hard-core Bosons.

Read more: Arxiv:1505.05150

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May 16, 2018

We achieved Bose-Eintein condensation of K39 atoms.

Lecture course on Quantum Simulations

Jan 19, 2018

Today our new lecture course on Quantum Simulations starts in Cambridge for the first time

Slow Dynamics near the Many-Body Localization Transition

Dec 31, 2017

We could observe the (critical) slowing down of the relaxation dynamics close to the MBL transition and our results were now published in PRL (1D) and PRX (2D).

Floquet Heating in PRL

Nov 17, 2017

Our latest work on Interaction Dependent Heating and Atom Loss in a Periodically Driven Optical Lattice has been published as an Editor's suggestion in PRL

Proceeding on MBL published by Royal Society

Nov 09, 2017

The proceedings of our Royal Society meeting on the Breakdown of ergodicity in quantum systems has been published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society and contains many excellent reviews on various aspects of Many-body localization (MBL).