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Many-body Quantum Dynamics

Cavendish Laboratory

We achieved Bose-Eintein condensation of K39 atoms.

We reached the next important benchmark, Bose-Einstein condensation of potassium-39 atoms. Using the readily accessible Feshbach resonance of this species, we can now tune interatomic interactions from strongly attractive to non-interacting to strongly repulsive. We are looking forward to studying quantum many-body physics in two-dimensional quasicrystal for the first time.


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Latest news

Quasicrystal Paper covered in Physics World

9 April 2019

Our recent PRL on the connection between our 2D Quasicrystal and a 4D periodic crystal has been covered in Physics World.

Quasicrystal Paper published in PRL

20 March 2019

The first experimental result from the Quasicrystal lab, showing the fractal nature of the potential as well as the connection to a 4D crystal, has now been published as an Editor's suggestion in PRL.

Postdoc positions open - optical lattices

4 March 2019

Two Postdoc positions available to work on experimental many-body quantum dynamics using ultracold atomic gases and optical lattices. Application closes on 31/3/19.

Quantum Walk on fractal

5 July 2018

The first result from our brand-new setup on optical Quasicrystals is on the Arxiv.


16 May 2018

We achieved Bose-Eintein condensation of K39 atoms.